Welcome to homesteadingnow.com, a website that is all about setting up life in an off-grid or remote dwelling while preparing yourself for any disaster situation that may befall you.

It requires living on your wits along with possessing extensive survival knowledge to succeed in what can often be a tough existence, especially when things go wrong.

Site Author

tanya coopersonHi, I'm Tanya Cooperson the author of this website. I'm a keen homesteader, living off-grid and staying prepared for whatever natural or unnatural disaster that might befall our precious land.

While you can't of course prepare for everything, you can at leaswt do what you can so if things get hairy and the mainstream food, water and power supplies get cut off, you can keep going and stay alive.

That means having your own food source by growing your own fruit and vegetables, as well as keeping some livestock that can get you through an emergency. It also means having a store of food that will not spoil with access to it from your home.

I like my underground bunker that's actually a modified cellar space deep under the house, so my family can get down there fast if necessary. It has a food and water store as well as battery power that's constantly kept topped up bt the sun and wind (solar panels and wind turbines).

This site is here to help guide you on your journey away from the grid, the rat race and the madness that civilization has become.