Cockroach Control

There are few pests that create such loathing and disgust as cockroaches, so controlling and eradicating them when they appear is a top priority.

The main problem with these much maligned and thoroughly unwanted insects is that they are extremely robust creatures that can stand up to a load of punishment and worse, because they have strength in numbers, exterminating them is a tough job.

Cockroaches are a serious problem especially in the restaurant trade because they're so darn difficult to get rid of. There is a saying that wherever you are in the city, you're never more than 6 feet away from a rat.

cockroach controlWell, I reckon that also goes for a roach. So what are you supposed to do about getting rid of the pesky critters?

How to Kill a Cockroach

Cockroaches are actually easy enough to kill on their own, as a quick stomp by a shod foot will testify to.

However, half the battle is in getting them to keep still long enough to bash them over the head and when you kill one, another one seems to magically pop out from nowhere to take its place.

Worse still is that roaches are born pregnant and they carry their offspring live inside them.

So even if you manage to spatter a female roach, you'll unleash a tiny army of mini roaches that will scatter in all directions from the carcase of their deceased mother!

Getting Professional Cockroach Pest Control Help

When you are under siege by an army of cockroaches and they aren't about to easily budge under your own efforts, then it's time to call in the professionals. It's not as if you're admitting defeat because these varmints don't play by our rules!

Professional cockroach control specialists have all the know how, experience and chemicals to send your tormentors to cockroach heaven and you're assured that once they're gone, they're gone. At least until a new brood find their way into your space. That usually happens once the chemical residue wears off and you've forgotten about the whole deal.

For all they're just bugs that people love to hate, cockroaches give the impression they act under a higher intelligence, seeming to know just when a place is right for them to invade it and they are masters of keeping hidden until there are so many of them they can't help but show themselves every now and then. When you start to see them here and there, chances are its more than one or two you have hiding in all sorts of places.

Then it means a call to the roach patrol once again!

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are generally attracted to just about anything we humans do that produces anything they can eat, which is pretty much anything. That's why they generally tend to be attracted to places that prepare, cook or sell food first before other places, although in reality anywhere humans inhabit is fair game.

Roaches don't like light at all, so if your place is light and airy, there is less chance they'll want to come in. If you provide them with plenty of nice dark, damp places, they'll be in like a shot and on the phone to all their relations to come join them!

Cleanliness is something roaches don't much enjoy, so if you can keep your place clean it helps. But you really have to be able to get your cleaning stuff into all the places that these insects like to hide under, meaning chairs, sofas, under carpets, cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, washing machines, dishwashers etc.

You name it, if it can be crawled under, cockroaches will inhabit the place. So maybe even though you think you've cleaned up a place, you may have missed some really hard to get to places and that's where the roaches will be hiding.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Generally, a cockroach won't hurt you. They don't bite and they don't sting, so if you are not too squeamish, you can just pick them up and dispose of them. The common way to do that is down the toilet, although that doesn't kill them and if they want, they can come right back the way they left!

As for health problems, roaches do carry some diseases such as salmonella and diphtheria. These can cause symptoms including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. These diseases can be transmitted to humans if roaches get into your food before you eat it! This can happen in open pantries or where food is stored in open boxes.

To protect your food from cockroach contact, keep everything in sealed boxes, plastic containers or tins with tight fitting lids or anything that is airtight. Always wash your hands after rooting around in cupboards or areas where roaches may inhabit and you'll be fine.


Below I've included some comments from readers who emailed me after reading my article here. I have reproduced them as is:


How to get rid of spiders with an orange is also the way to get rid of roaches naturally... coming from TX, I literally cannot stand the thought of a roach... they ARE the most detestable things...


I heard that if you get yourself a gecko, which is a kind of lizard and let it run free in your house, it'll eat all the roaches it can handle cause the little fellers just love them as a tasty snack!


I could handle A gecko, they are cool, had a bearded dragon, he just sat there though lol. As for roaches, the little German ones are the ones that get me, they are so fast!!


Actually, cockroaches do bite. As far as I have read, its uncommon, but I have been bit three times in the last three weeks. My mother owns a mobile home and despite her current efforts, it has become invaded by roaches. They are working to save up the money for an exterminator. My first bite was three weeks ago, I was in the shower and felt a pinch on my leg. Sure enough, a roach was on my effing leg, and had bit me. Needless to say the little bastard went down the drain. About a week and a half later, I woke up with two bug bites, one on my back the other on my stomach. My mother has been getting bit as well. Quite frequently, actually. And it's because they tend to nest in the crevice of the wall and carpet under the beds. No one else has been bit in the house, just my mom and I, and it didn't seem to do anything more than itch a lot, but roaches do and will bite. They say roaches are usually found feasting on a rotting carcass. So maybe my mom and I are turning into zombies (seen as that is all the rage these days).


Sorry to hear that Hannah. I guess you can never be too careful with these critters. Zombie roaches would probably make a great movie theme...