Why Install Attic Insulation

Why Install Attic Insulation

Saving on energy consumption is a major task for the homesteader, but one way is to ensure the attic is properly insulated to help keep heat in during winter and out during summer to lower fuel costs all year round. Here are some good reasons why you really should set aside a part of the budget to have this kind of insulation installed as soon as possible.

attic insulationOwning your own homestead is a joy and a privilege that can never be understated, but with homestead ownership comes the responsibility of maintaining and keeping the home in good condition as well as making regular improvements to increase its value in monetary terms as well as in its aesthetic value to you. One of the best ways of improving your home is by having attic insulation installed if it is not there already.

Value and Economy

This not only adds value to your home, but will save you money in the long term by reducing your household energy bills. It does this by cutting the amount of heat that is wasted by escaping through an un-insinuated attic space in winter and also by reducing the amount of energy used by air conditioning systems in summer by keeping the heat from outside entering your home from above.

The better and higher R rated your insulating material, the better the building will perform in terms of heat retention in winter and keeping the place cooler during the hot summer months. Whether you're running a wood or coal fuelled furnace during winter or a low cost heat pump or evaporative cooling solution in summer, the energy to run them has a cost that you really need to keep as low as possible.

Making sure that precious heat can't escape through the roof is one way to make each cord of wood last longer. By the same token, making sure that the heat radiated by the summer sun is kept out of the house as much as possible will mean less energy is used to run coolers and fans indoors.

A Sound Long Term Investment

This kind of improvement is a one off job that lasts for the lifetime of the house and soon pays for itself in your energy cost saving, after which it keeps saving you money year in, year out. An insulated home feels warmer in winter and your heating system does not have to work so hard to keep the interior of your home warm and snug, while it feels cooler in summer without your air cooling system having to work overtime to cool things down.

The materials you use will have a greater or lesser impact on the building's R rating, but the best way is to combine a radiant barrier with thick fibreglass padding either in strips or loose lay such as Rockwool. You might be thinking that you can save money by using sheets of recycled cardboard stacked into blocks, but remember this is a potential fire hazard and not recommended for the home.

This is an excellent investment and a great way to give a little back to the environment in less power usage while giving you more to feel satisfied with your home.