Outdoor Mosquito Control You Really Need

Controlling mosquitoes that invade your home's outdoor space can be a priority in some areas of heavy infestation. Beat these pesky flying, biting pests by fighting back with products and devices specifically made for outdoor control of mosquitoes.

Make Controlling Mosquitoes Your Priority!

Of all the many flying insect pests that invade our backyards, patios and porches during the warmer months, mosquitoes are probably the worst. Control them effectively and minimize their numbers so you can enjoy your outdoor space!

Mosquitoes are particularly nasty because they can land on you undetected, plunge their proboscis into your skin, dine on your blood and leave an itchy patch that can become infected later if you scratch it too much. They usually manage to escape without you noticing too, so they can go lay their eggs and make even more pests in a very short space of time.

So it goes without saying that if you are plagued by these pests in your area, you seriously need to do something about them. They not only have the transport method to transmit infection through their bites, some species can and do transmit serious diseases such as malaria.

And if you think these species are limited to some far away tropical place, think again. More and more exotic species of mosquitoes are invading our shores, breeding and proliferating right here, right now!

You need to do your part in stamping them out before malaria becomes a common disease in this country too.

Do not despair, there are several highly effective ways of dealing with these irritating flying pests. Several good examples are highlighted below. they can be purchased online at places such as Amazon securely and at very competitive prices, many of which come with free overland delivery!

What Products and Devices are Available to Combat Mosquitoes Outdoors?

There are several good quality devices and products that can effectively control mosquito numbers outside and reduce their impact on your enjoyment of your outdoor space in the warmer months of the year. It is at this time that you and your family will want to spend more time outdoors in the evenings, coinciding with the time of day that mosquitoes are most active.

You can choose between sprayers and misters that use pesticides or propane to kill these insects on contact. Or there are kinder alternatives such as mosquito magnets that attract the flying pests by luring then close then vacuuming them up into a sealed container where they are destroyed through dehydration.

There are also electrical light attractors that kill all flying insects on contact as they fly into the light and touch the electrical filament. And for the more adventurous stealth hunters, there are handheld electronic insect zappers that you can use like an old fashioned fly swatter except these babies kill the pests with a single swipe that electrocutes them on contact!

Preventative Action

How ever you decide to control the mosquito population near your home, you need to ensure that you also prevent them from breeding. You can do that fairly easily by identifying and eliminating all pools of stagnant water near your home, no matter how small.

Large areas like stagnant ponds can be treated with an oil based treatment that floats on the surface breaking the surface tension which prevents the mosquito larvae from breathing and they simply drown. Smaller pools of water can be cleaned up and drained off, literally removing the medium mosquitoes need to lay their eggs and allow their larvae to develop and grow into adults.

Remember, a female mosquito can lay a single egg in a pool or water as small as the smallest flowerpot saucer and it will have time to develop into an adult before that water evaporates! So get active, get busy and stamp out these pests!

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Find out more from this excellent external government resource: www2.epa.gov/mosquitocontrol.