Mosquito Misting Systems

Are you driven crazy by mosquitoes in your garden, on your patio or getting in your house? You can control them effectively with a misting system that can be set up and left to run automatically.

When your home and garden is plagued by mosquitoes in the warmer months of the year, you need to act to control their numbers so you can enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities. There are several different ways of achieving this, but one of the most effective of these is to install a mosquito misting system.

mosquito biteThis type of pest control system uses insecticide to kill airborne mosquitoes as well as some other flying biting insect pests by spraying a fine mist that kills then on contact. When set up correctly, such a system can decimate numbers of these unwelcome pests, bringing a welcome relief from their nasty itching bites and disturbance to you and your guests.

Buying a top rated system should provide good value for money as well as being a top performer. While some systems can cost several thousands of dollars, you can buy domestic sized systems for much less when you buy online at stores like Amazon.

We have researched and compiled a short list of the best systems currently on sale at Amazon, using a combination of cost, specification and customer recommendation to arrive at our conclusions. Please see below for the best of the bunch.

What are the Top Rated Mosquito Misting Systems?

Getting a top rating is determined by a variety of criteria. There are several good misting systems for erradicating these flying pests on the market, but those highlighted below are considered by many to be the best of those available at a reasonable cost.

Terminix AllClear ACM3270 Backyard Mosquito Mister

This system can protect a garden or yard up to 2,000 square feet and creates a curtain of protection that keeps most flying bugs including mosquitoes out by killing them on contact. Just one four minute mist blast is completely effective for up to six hours of pest free heaven!

It's easy to set up and once in place will protect you from flying insects for several hours before needing a recharge of insecticide.

It is very affordable for the level of protection it provides and comes highly recommended by several satisfied customers according to customer reviews. If this gets your attention and you are considering buying this model, just click the image above to open the page where you can get all the specifications, up to the minute price and any deal in force as well as shipping info and read the reviews if you want.

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Buy the Best Mosquito Misting System Money Can Buy

Think of how happy you'll feel once you can finally be rid of all those annoying flying insect pests!

Just imagine how great it would be, never having to be bothered by plagues of mosquitoes invading your home and spoiling your outdoor get-togethers like barbecues on the patio.

There's no getting away from it, if you are troubled by mosquitoes in your garden, patio or porch, home or local vicinity you will need an effective control system. This is it!

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Broan-NuTone HVK400 Backyard Mosquito Repellent System Kit

For larger outdoor areas and total coverage, this is the system you really want. What you get for your money is worth every cent to be rid of flying pests.

Main Features/Benefits

Here are the main features that this system and why it can provide you and your family with effective mosquito control:

The kit includes four repellant cartridges with 65 feet of low-voltage cable and one controller.

Once set up, within 15 minutes of activation it will effectively control flying insect pests such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other bugs for up to 216 hours.

There is a simple to use control panel that allows you to set it for fully automatic operation to keep the pest numbers down without you needing to do anything manually once it's all set up.

So if it's convenience and ease of use that you're looking for in a misting system for mosquitoes, this is your baby!

What Are Mosquito Misting Systems?

Outdoor mist generating systems (also known as residential misting systems) are application systems that are designed to spray certain pesticides in a very fine mist designed to effectively kill mosquitoes as well as other insect pests outdoors.

Misting systems come with fine spray nozzles that are strategically mounted in places around the home's perimeter, in the lawn or other landscaping, or directly onto parts of the house itself or a close by fence. The fine spray nozzles are connected by plastic tubing to a central supply containing the insecticide.

Some of these devices are designed to be activated at preset times throughout the day or night using a built in timer. Other types may be activated using a remote control device, while still others are activated by a simple switch.

These outdoor flying pest controllers are very effective at controlling mosquitoes that fly between dusk and dawn by killing them before they reach your house and get inside through any open windows or doors. It also interferes with their breeding cycle by taking out breeding adults before the females can lay their eggs and start the whole cycle off again in a few days time.

How Effective are Mosquito Misting Systems?

On their own, mozzie misters are very effective at controlling the adult mosquito population around your home. This is because they kill all adult mosquitoes as they fly within a set distance of your home. However, you can increase their benefits many fold by doing a little extra work and by being a little extra vigilant.

Many pest control professionals are of the belief that it takes a combination of pest control approaches, generally known in pest control circles as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to effectively combat mosquito populations.

Here's an example of how this works. We know that mosquitoes breed in water. By eliminating any standing water that may be found around your home, you remove that aspect of their breeding cycle. What is maybe not so well known is that almost any size of container will suffice.

Anything such as an empty jar or can, a flower pot saucer, any cinder blocks or old tires that are laying around. They can all provide the perfect habitat for mosquito larvae to hatch out and grow if they contain water for any more than a few days. You can kill mosquito larvae simply by draining the water before they have a chance to emerge as adults. This can reduce the need to spray pesticides in order to kill the adult mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, while you may be playing your part in their prevention, your neighbors may not and as adult mosquitoes are capable of traveling several miles, any pest management efforts on your behalf may provide you only temporary control. To be really effective, you need to get together with neighbors and tackle the problem collectively.

What Insecticides are Used?

Mosquito misting systems generally use insecticide products that contain pyrethrins and permethrin. Additionally, these insecticide products may contain piperonyl butoxide.

If you are in any doubt as to what type of insecticide your insect control device is using, be sure to check the list of active ingredients which you should find printed on the container label.

Discover Amazing Flying Insect Control Devices on Amazon

You can't beat Amazon for providing a great selection of products for controlling mozzies and other flying insect pests that invade your garden and your home. Remember you get free overland shipping on higher price goods which can save you a nice chunk of change when compared to other online vendors.

Here's a big system for controlling lots of pesky mosquitoes!

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