Homesteading Now

Getting out of the rat-race and living off-grid is a dream that can become a reality.

Setting up a homestead away from the madness of towns and cities is a big move for many, but a necessary one if they're going to live a life unspoiled by polluting, depressing and stressing urban civilization'

livestockSure you can move away from the "smoke" and get into a countryside lifestyle in a home far away from the craziness endured by the masses.

But many people feel trapped in the life they are living and can't see a way out.

Don't despair, because you can still do a lot to change your circumstances without changing your location, at least not right away.

You can also choose to live where you are now in a cozy home and still embrace the principles of homestead life as best you can until the opportunity to physically move out presents itself.

This website has been created to provide the resources and information that you will need to make the change from living the consumerist life with all its hassles to the homesteader's way of life.

You can do this wherever you may be and whether you live in a compact home with a small balcony or a large house with a good size plot of land.

Of course things are more doable when you have a country residence or actual homestead, far away from polluted cities and toxic industrialized zones.

Being Prepared For Anything

Did you know that living a homestead lifestyle has a load of benefits?

That it is not only good for teaching yourself how to prepare for an uncertain future, but also as a great way to live a less stressful, more healthful and happier life.

So many people become tired of the modern rat race and yearn for something that's more calming and un-stressful.

Some folks choose to give up their urban or suburban lives and head for remote locations.homestead

Of course that is not necessarily what being a homesteader is all about. Being a true prepper is not just about sneaking away from society and living like a hermit.

The true preparedness lifestyle is simply living in a way that doesn't rely on others to help you or see you through a short term or long term disaster.

While being a self-reliant homesteader is a great way to live, it's really not for everyone.

Who Wants to Lead this Lifestyle?

So how can you tell who is a good fit for this way of living and who will absolutely hate leading the life of a preparation ready person? First of all, it's fair to say that living the prepper lifestyle takes a complete and solid commitment.

If you think you simply want to dabble in it and see how it goes, this life is not for you!

You're either into it, or you're not. If you're ready to give up the way you've been living until now, and you're ready to break free of the capitalistic mentality taught by society, then this is for you.

If you know that you're ready to walk away from being dependent on others for your needs, then this is for you. You have to believe that what you're gaining is a better life for yourself and your family.

If you know that you're ready to get organized and are committed to building your short term and long term inventory of goods and supplies, then the homestead lifestyle is something you'd find to be a good fit.

Self-Reliance is a Growing Trend

Being ready to become totally self-sufficient is a good clue that you're ready for a life change. If you're ready to learn about self protection and first aid and how to take care of yourself and your family through anything, then you're ready.

old barnBeing a prepper is not about living to the extreme the way the wacky survivalists you see portrayed on television live.

It means you accept that there are things outside your control that could impact your life greatly, such as disasters, government collapse, etc. And you want to be ready for whatever comes.

That's when you know you're ready for the prepper lifestyle. But not everyone who thinks they are actually is ready. If you're in a relationship and your partner is dead-set against it, hates it, wants no part of it, you're not ready if you don't want to risk ruining the relationship.

You're not ready if there are certain things in your life that you feel you absolutely can't give up. Things such as a daily trip to the local delicatessen or that expensive cup of coffee.

You're not ready and the lifestyle is not for you if you set aside money for supplies but then spend it on going out to eat or shopping for a new pair of shoes or the latest video game.

You're not ready if you have a deep attachment to the conveniences of life and rely too heavily on technology. You can't imagine your life without modern technology is a sign you're not ready.

If you have an unwillingness to learn how to prepare for the future or aren't interested in sustainable living, then you're not ready for the homestead prepper lifestyle.

But most people can envision a day when the worst case scenario happens, and if it happens to you, you'll have to deal with it, ready or not.